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Complaints procedure

A complaints procedure applies to the office, as stated in Article 6.28 of the regulation on the legal profession, see the link below.

Furthermore, the following general terms and conditions and privacy statement apply. Click on the button to go to the downloads of the documents.
•    Privacy statement 
•    Terms and Conditions
•    Office complaints procedure
•    Explanation of complaints and disputes procedure

Third-party funds

Van der clay Law & Mediation does not receive third-party funds within the meaning of the regulation on the legal profession. Van der Klei Law & Mediation is therefore exempt from the obligation to have a third-party funds foundation available. Van der Klei Advocatuur & Mediation third-party funds received on the office account.


During extended absences and not due to holidays of mr G. Judith van der Klei, her practice will be taken over by colleague mr. Sabine Merhottein, who also has an office in Bloemendaal. Mr. Sabine Merhottein's office is located at Bloemendaalseweg 163 I, 2061 CJ in Bloemendaal.

Professional liability

I. Van der Klei lawyer and mediator is insured for professional liability
in accordance with the professional liability regulation of the Dutch Order of
Lawyers. Any liability is limited to the amount applicable in the relevant case
pursuant to the agreement concluded by Van der Klei lawyer and mediator
professional liability insurance is paid out, plus the amount of your own
risk that in the relevant case under the policy will be borne by Van der Klei attorney and
mediator arrives.
II. Van der Klei lawyer and mediator is not liable for shortcomings of third parties.
III.All collection rights and other powers of the client in connection with Van der
Clay lawyer and mediator work performed expires once a period of one year expires
elapsed after the day on which the client became aware or could reasonably have become aware of it
the existence of those rights and powers.

The conditions contain a limitation of liability. The amount of professional liability insurance coverage is currently €500,000 per claim per year with a maximum of € 1,000,000 for total claims in the insurance year. 

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VDK Kantoor uitzicht
Mr. G.J. van der Klei
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