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How do you avoid long-lasting and costly procedures?

G.J van der Klei acts as a process supervisor in mediation. Mediation is a form of dispute resolution in which the parties come to the solution of their dispute themselves under the guidance of a mediator. The mediator is independent and impartial. It does, however, provide parties with the relevant legal information and in this way helps parties to find the best possible solution. The mediator does not propose a solution himself and is not an advisor.

A major advantage of mediation is that it offers the parties the opportunity to make agreements in consultation, which also leaves room for creative and constructive solutions. imposed by the court.

Apart from the fact that the consultation agreements are easier to implement, it is often also financially more attractive and cheaper to opt for mediation than to engage a lawyer for both.

Voetstappen in het zand op het strand
Twee damherten in het duingebied
Important pillars
mediation are:

The parties will make every effort to find a solution. They will make every effort to discuss issues and provide relevant information.

Mediation is voluntary and can be terminated at any time if one of the parties or the mediator so wishes.

The parties declare confidentiality in advance and will not use all events, as well as conversation reports, and all information that emerges during the mediation, both orally and in writing, other than during the mediation.

The parties may involve other experts in the mediation to provide advice. These experts will also sign for confidentiality.
-ongoing procedures
If proceedings have been brought before the court, the court will be requested to adjourn these cases during the mediation.

code of conduct
Parties treat each other with respect. Are willing to listen to each other and to let each other finish and will refrain from actions or behavior that make the mediation difficult. Both parties are also willing to compromise to find a suitable solution.

settlement agreement
After the parties have reached an agreement, the agreements will be laid down in a settlement agreement.

Een kikker is een haak met twee uitsteeksels, oftewel ‘vleugels’ die vaak op de rand van de boot is gemonteerd. Aan een kikker kun je een lijn bevestigen.

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